Tour to Buryat etnocomplex "Steppe Nomad". Atsagat

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    If you want to know national character of Buryats, formed during many centuries you should visit traditional Buryat village Atsagat. Funny rituals, melodic songs, exciting national games and dances, tasting national dishes, master classes, archery, riding horse, meeting camel wait you in the ethnic complex “Steppe Nomad”.
Place of visiting: Atsagat village, 50 km far from Ulan-Ude city
Time of visit: all year round
Duration: 5 hours
                                                                                        Tour programme

   One of the most interesting and fun excursions  - "Steppe Nomad. Atsagat " in  Atsagat village (52 km, 50 minutes).
Arrival to Atsagat datsan ( the only datsan in Buryatia, where 7 Khambo lamas came out of).
  A local guide will take you through the ritual circle - "Goro", which is a mandatory rite of honoring local traditions, will lead to inside of the datsan, where you can take unique photos of 1000 Buddhas who have an exciting story of saving them  till now.
   Visit to the Museum - House of  Agvan Dorzhiev, with the only in Eastern Siberia wax figures of the Buddhist hierarchy and a copy of the Atlas of Tibetan medicine, the guide will tell about the fascinating life of the famous Buddhist scholar, philosopher and diplomat Agvan Dorzhiev.
   After lunch in the cafe (Buryat traditional food)  moving to etnocomplex "Steppe Nomad" (, where guests are greeted by the locals in traditional costumes with ancient ritual "Ugtamzha" (Meeting) with melodiс song and words of welcome, an honorary guest is awarded  with "Hadag" - a symbol of  hospitality of the Buryat people and white food, a symbol of prosperity and purity of mind. 
   Ethno program acquaints visitors with the traditions and customs of the Buryat people. Visit the ancient Buryat yurt, where you will see how the Buryats lived in ancient times. Guests are carried out in a wooden house, will show a master class on the national game of "Shagai naadan", make photos in  national costumes, green tea will be served with traditional rustic cakes.
   Guests will visit Galaxy yurt and  know old stories about the planets and stars. Informative program will be finished by a traditional  merry round dance “Yokhor”.
Also you have the unique chance to visit the only in the world Gallary yurt and see the ptoto exhibition  "The world in Faces" of the famouse photographer Alexander Khimushin.
   In winter, there is an additional opportunity dashing ride with a snow slide, ride a horse-drawn sleigh / wagon, learn  Buryat archery, communicate with unforgettable camels.
Additionally by previous order: funny traditional ritual “Wonderful Courtship”, dog sledding (in winter) and others.
   Price for one tourist, ₽

Number of tourists      11-29     6-10    3-5     2     1
  Price  1200   1400   2000   2500   3600 
The price includes

• Excursion to Atsagat Datsan and Agvan Dorzhiev’s Museum
• Meeting ritual with Khadak and white food
• Visiting Galactic yurt
• Visiting traditional buryat house, knowing traditions and household of buryats
• Master class at “Shagai” game
• Master class at Yokhor dance
• Lunch – traditional buryat dishes

The price does not include:
         Transportation, English guide service for the excursion, personal tourists expenses, optional ritual "Wonderful Courtship”, personal astrological prognosis made by Lama in Atsagat Datsan       

    How to reach the ethnocomplex "Steppe Nomad":

  1.By public transportation: 
Departure from Melkombinat bus station
bus № 490. "Ulan-Ude" - "Unegetei", departure time  13:00, 18:00. 
Ticket price 150 ₽. 
Departure from the bus station Sovetskaya str, 1
Bus № 200/220, departure time 8:00, 9:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:45, 13:00, 13:30, 14:10, 15:20, 15:30, 16:30, 17:00, 18:00. 
Ticket price 150 ₽. 
Stop at the cafe "Steppe Nomad" 
   2. By car or by bus.

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