LLC "Jasso Tour" is a tour operator of inbound international and domestic tourism.
  Reference number in the register of tour operators in Russia RTO 0016673.
  The tour operator was founded in 2004

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                                                        Visiting Shamans.
          You have a chance to get aquainted with Shamans and feel their culture !

Places of visit: Shaman’s center "Tengeri" in Ulan-Ude
Dates: Any day
Duration: 1 hour (sightseeing tour 30 minutes + rite (Gaar Urgel) 30 minutes)
                                                          The program of tour
   The group arrives in the territory of Shaman’s center "Tengeri".
Tourists make a tour  in the complex territory, get acquainted with the main objects. 
  The tour is conducted by a guide - a shaman. 
 In the central temple, a ritual for tourists is conducted with reading out their names and offering to the spirits and ancestors for the well-being of those attending the rite. 
 To perform the ritual, you will need vodka, milk, thyme, hadak (sacred scarf). 
You can buy everything you need at souvenir shop near by .

Price: on request 

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