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   "Ayan Hotel" is a 2-star hotel combining the original architecture of the building with cozy interiors of rooms. A harmonious combination of restrained simplicity and stylish furniture with impeccable cleanliness of the premises make the hotel an ideal holiday destination.                                                                                
  Hotel characteristics
  Distance to the city center   The hotel is located on the first line at the entrance to the city from the federal highway, 5 minutes drive from the city center.
         Hotel description   The hotel is very popular among tourists and business people due to its convenient location relative to the traffic intersection and the necessary range of services. Our hotel is perfect for traveling tourists on their cars and motorcycles, for groups of tourists, as it has parking and parking places.       
   Number of rooms    28 rooms / 59 people capacity 
   Distance to the raileaystation/airport   Distance from railway station, airport 30 minutes drive from the airport, 10 minutes Railway station
    Meals   Breakfast, haif board, full board. A cozy cafe is located on the 1st floor of the hotel

                                                        The price of "Ayan Hotel", 

Room category

October 01, 2017 - May 31, 2018
    Price for room with breakfast   Price for room without breakfaast
 1      ECONOMY SINGLE  SINGLE   Single accommodation   1200,00   1050
 TWIN   Single accommodation   1800,00   1650
  Twin accommodation    2000,00   1700
 DOUBLE   Single accommodation    2100   1950
  Twin accommodation    2300    2000
 TWIN   Single accommodation    2100   1950
Twin accomodation    2300   2000
 5   STANDART TRIPLE  TRIPLE   Triple accommodation    3000   2550


 DOUBLE,  TWIN   Single accommodation    3000   2850
  Twin accommodation    3300   3000
 7     Hostel room   1 bed
  5 person      650


1. The price of accommodation includes cable TV, Internet, Wi-Fi, telephone, taxi call.  

2. The price of breakfast - 150 ₽, and included in the cost of living at the request of the guest.  

3. Additional services not included in the daily rate of accommodation: access to international and interurban network according to the current tariffs, laundry services, parking, sauna, transfer.  

4. Room reservation is free of charge.  Check-out time is at 12.00 am. For stays of less than a day, the fee is charged per day, regardless of the estimated hour. 

 5. In case of an extension not more than six hours after the check-out time (12.00 to 17.59) an hourly payment is charged, with a delay in departure from 18.00 to 23.59, payment for half the day is charged.  If delayed departure is more than twelve hours, payment is charged for a full day.  

6. With a group tariff there is a 10% discount.  Group rate is applied for a one-time order of services for groups of 10 or more people. 

Extra bed in the room - 500 ₽.

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