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                                                                                             Tour program

Day 1 Meeting with a guide, departure for a sightseeing tour of the capital of Buryatia  for 2 hours.  Departure to the native Buryat  Atsagat village (50 km, 1 hour).  The local  guide will meet us at the gates of the Atsagat datsan (the only Datsan in Buryatia,  where 7 Pandito KHambo lamas came out from)
 An interesting excursion to Datsan with the ceremony "Goro", a visit to the  Museum of Agvan Dorzhiev - a famous Buddhist scholar, philosopher and diplomat, with the only wax figures of Buddhist hierarchs in the Eastern Siberia and a copy of the Atlas of Tibetan medicine.
After lunch (real Buryat cuisine) we will move to the "Steppe nomad"  ethno complex. We will be greeted by the local folk group with the traditional ritual of the meeting of Ugtamzha with melodic steppe songs, a gift - Khadak (a silk scarf), a symbol of hospitality and white food, a symbol of purity of thoughts.
During the day, you will have  fun  riding a horse or a horse harness. In the Buryat house or in a felt yurt you will know the life of the Buryats, and have photo session in national costumes.
 You will learn what Khadak means, what colors of khadak mean, learn about how in the old times the daughter-in-law was accepted into the house, what strict rules were in the parturient women and much more interesting about the customs of the Buryats. The saturated cognitive program ends with a cheerful dance Yokhor in the open air. 
Accommodation in felt yurts (3 - 6  pax).  Dinner.  
Meals included: lunch, dinner. 

 Day 2.  After a delicious breakfast, departure to Ulan-Ude and further to the eastern coast of  Lake Baikal in Gremyachinsk village (140 km, 3 hours).
At Pykhta place we will make"Oboo" ceremony - the worship of Sahyusan - the local spirits.
Arrival in the village, accommodation in the Park Hotel "Baikal Riviera" in Twin rooms.
 Lunch in the hotel's restaurant. Near the coast of the Baikal we will make a ceremony of meeting with the great Lake - the sea.  Walk along the shore of Lake Baikal. Dinner at the hotel restaurant.  
In addition: an excursion to the Sretensky Women Monastery, a visit to a Siberian bath, sports equipment rent.
Meals included: lunch, dinner.  

Day 3 Having breakfast, we will drive along the shore of  Lake Baikal, we stop at the natural monument of the Turtle Stone , then opposite the Holy Nose peninsula, just in beautiful places.
After  we will visit the Barguzin Valley (the "Barguzin Tokum" country, which is also mentioned by the Persian historian Rashid-Ad-Din in the "Collection of Chronicles." You can translate the name of this land as «the wilderness», «the deafness», « the outskirts»).
 For lunch we will stay in the ancient village of Barguzin, 195 km, 3 hours from Gremyachinsk. Arrival to Suvo (30 km from Barguzin, 1 hour, country road).  Evenki called this sacred place "Suvoya" - "whirlwind". They believed that among the huge stone boulders, at the foot of the Ikat mountain range, there were spirits-masters of the winds. Fanciful rocks on the treeless mountain, reminiscent of the castle ruins with huge stone towers immediately form narrow gorges, the length of which reaches up to 400 m, and the height of 50 meters. From the top of the rocks you can see fascinating panoramas of the Barguzinsky valley with a network of lakes and picturesque rocks.
 After a short walk we will visit the sacred place of the Barguzin Buryats, the shaman place, the place of strength - the stone "Buha-Shulun" (ox-stone), the spirit of the Mongol leader buried on the hill, he is the owner of the whole valley.
 An unforgettable  impression on you will be produced by the Ina Garden of stones located on the territory of more than 10 square kilometers.  According to the  legend two rivers Ina and Barguzin struck a bail about who will first run to  the Lake Baikal. Barguzin did not hesitate, set off on a journey in the evening. Only next morning Ina learned that the rival, having left earlier, is already close to the goal.  She immediately rushed after him with powerful streams, spreading along the way giant boulders, which to this day lie on its banks.
Visiting the suburgan of the great yogi Sodoi Lama, we will drive to a huge sand dune on the winding bank of the river Argada.
We go to Alla village (200 km from Suvo, 4 hours), the name came from the Evenk word "fish". The nature of the resort is very beautiful, there are excellent landscapes, quaint rocks, numerous waterfalls and hot natural springs.  It is known since the middle of the XIX century.  According to one of the legends, long ago these sources were discovered by the Buryat strongman Bildashkin Badmaa who lifted a block weighing 4 tons.  At the beginning of the 20th century, the great Buryat lama, philosopher and diplomat Agvan Lobsan Dorzhiev had rest here. In the valley of the river Alla, there are more than 50  hot springs with a temperature of 50 ° C to 77 °C, making their way through the thickness of gravel, pebbles and sand.  According to the chemical composition, the thermal water of  Alla springs is close to that of the resort of Belokurikha (Altai District): sulphate-hydrocarbonate sodium slaboradon (radioactivity 6 eman.) With the highest content of silicon acid than in other sources of Transbaikalia and  Baikal region. Alla thermal springs have curative properties, they are indicated for the treatment of diseases of the organs of  nervous system, skin diseases, ginecological diseases, gastritis.
Arrival late at night in Alla, accommodation in a guest house of economy class in the rooms for 2-4 people.
Dinner after a long journey. Recreation.
 Visiting a font with hot water in a spring on the bank of a mountain river will relieve you of fatigue. 
 Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Day 4 Rest at Alla resort, walk up the gorge along the Alla River along the path of the old Evenk hunter leading to  Lake Baikal (80 km.). Observing waterfalls - the first large 60-meter waterfall is on the  right bank (4 km from the resort), enjoying wild untouched nature.  Return to the resort, lunch.
On desire we will make trekking on one of the mountains "Buuraltaar" or "Sahiltar". Return to the resort, bathing in the font of the hot spring near the Alla river. Rest on the river bank.  
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Day 5. Breakfast. Rest at the resort, bathing in a font of a hot spring.
 Departure to Baikal, a stop in the area of Yarikto (100 km, 1.5 hours), where after walking along the eco path through the taiga to the foot of the mountain, here you can see the self-manifesting image of the goddess Janzhima (not everyone sees the image of the goddess).  Janzhima - a dancing goddess, patroness of fertility, youth and vitality.
 Lunch on your own at the cafe.
Transfer to the village.  Ust-Barguzin (90 km, 1.5 hours), located on the banks of the Barguzin river.
Accommodation in a guest house, in the rooms for 3-4 people. Dinner by your own in the cafe.  
Meals included: breakfast.  

Day 6. Breakfast. Departure to Chivyrkuisky Bay,  the warmest bay of  the Baikal (40 km, 1 hour), located on the territory of the National Park "Zapovednoe Podlemorye".
After passing the border of the national park we move along the country road along the Chivyrkuiskiy Isthmus (it is popularly known as the "Soft Karga"), which divides  Lake Baikal with  Lake Arangatui.
 Along the coasts there are a cedar pine trees with fragrant cedar cones.  The untouched Baikal nature in the National Park is carefully guarded: any human interference is prohibited.
 In Monakhovo, landing on a ship and  begin the boat trip along the Chivyrkuisky Bay to the Zmeevaya Bay, there it is possible to have a hot spring bath.  Survey of numerous bays and islands of the bay.
 Lunch in the fishing house. Return to  the shore.
 Departure to Gremyachinsk (170 km).
 Accommodation in the Park Hotel "Baikal Riviera", in Twin standard rooms.
Dinner at the hotel restaurant.  
In addition: Visiting the Ushkanii Islands - watching the Baikal seal.  
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Day 7 In the morning  say goodbye to Lake Baikal, departure to Ulan-Ude.
 Arrival in Ulan-Ude, the end of the trip. 
In addition: the organization of fishing, a water walk on boat to Olkhon or along the coast of Baikal 
Tour to the Ivolginsky datsan - the center of Buddhism of Russia, 35 km, 3 hours.  
Tour "Visiting Old Believers", 50 km, 5 hours.  
Meals included: breakfast in the hotel 

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