Tour to Ivolginskii datsan with Dugzhuuba rite

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    You have the unique chance to take part in Dugzhuuba ritual which is held once a year before Sagaalgan coming (New Year in the Lunar calendar).
Place of visiting: Ivolginskii Datsan
Time of travel: February 22, 2020
Duration: 5 hours   
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    You have a chance to visit Ivolginskii Datsan – the center of Buddhism in Russia, and take part in Dugzhuuba ritual. Dugzhuuba – is a original rite of purification, “cleaning”, a special ritual to eliminate all obstacles, cleanse everything bad so that in the new year a person will find prosperity, experience happiness, peace and tranquility.

 Meeting with guide  and departure to Ivolginskii Datsan, 35 km from the center of Ulan-Ude, it takes 40-50 min to get there.
  In Ivolginsk Valley near the foot of Khamar Daban range there are Buddhist Dugans, sacred stupas, this is the territory of pacification and powerful energetic point. 
    Beautiful and bright architecture of Buddhist temples combines Tibet, Chinese and Mongol styles. 
   The excursion starts at the entrance of the Datsan and follows the Sun circle (from the left to the right).
  The guide will tell the story of Datsan foundation, about rituals and traditions, about the rules of Datsans and about main Gods which Buryats worship. 
  On the way tourists twist prying Drums “Khurde” inside of which there are Buddhist mantras for health and luck. 
  Visiting Dugans - Main Temple - Sogchen Dugan, Green Tara Dugan, Maani Dugan, and others.
  All Dugans differ from each other by their size, architecture, time of construction and purpose.
  You will take part in Dugzhuuba rite together with thousands of piligrims, and the spectacle of a huge sacred fire will make an indelible impression for you!
Celebrate Sagaalgan( Ney\w Year in the eastern calendar) properly!

Price of the tour for a person, ₽:

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The price includes: Transportation, Guide

The price does not includeWorship to Khambo Lama Itigelov, donations in Datsan, meal, personal tourists’ expenses.

It is possible to order only transfer to Ivolginskii datsan. 

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