Fasting therapy program

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Fasting therapy is held according to wet and combined fasting method and includes the following procedures:

1. Balneological treatment: use of mineral high-thermal (54,5 °C = 129,2 °F) siliceous sulphate-sodium waters (bath, hydro-massage, tubage, shower, drink, inhalation, monitor bowel cleansing)

2. Application of therapeutic mud-sulfide sapropel

3. Sauna, swimming pool

4. Medical massage

5. Medicinal microclysters

6. Tubage

7. Psychological correction of food behavior

8. Medical support (everyday control of clinical condition, laboratory and instrumental control)

  Final program of fasting therapy depends on initial body weight, time and severity of disease. It is prescribed by a doctor individually (from 2 up to 4 weeks) after consultations on the basis of medical examination’s results which are held in Ulan-Ude and include:

A. Clinical examination

B. Blood and urine test

С. Ultrasound examination of internal organs

Tour program includes:

1. Visa support (if necessary);

2. Meeting/seeing off;

3. Sightseeing tour round Ulan-Ude and tours in Buryatia (by your willfor additional payment);

4. Transfers from Ulan-Ude to Goryachinsk and back;

5. Registration according to accommodation place

6. Accommodation in a hotel in Ulan-Ude, in “Goryachinsk” resort according to the chosen category;

7. Guide service during all your visit to Buryatia.

8. Intestine’s cleansing, hirudotherapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy barrel, herbal collection (by your will for additional payment);


Why is fasting therapy successful?

            The success of fasting therapy is first of all in the fact that you have done the first step to a healthy lifestyle, created favorable conditions for inborn and powerful mechanism, got on the road of self-perfection.

            All patients had positive results after the course of therapy.

Patients with overweight and food addiction after weight loss during fasting, psychotherapeutic conversation and setting kept on an optimistic further life.

Patients with asthenic disorder during therapy restored physical and mental functionality, considerably improved their mood.

Patients with depression during the treatment recovered from psychopathological disorder, restored normal emotional condition.

            The most importantaim is to preserve these results and proceed further. Respect your organism! Remember that unhealthy habits, sedentary lifestyle, excessive food consumption have a negative influence on the organism.
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