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  LLC "Jasso Tour" is a tour operator of inbound international and domestic tourism.
  Reference number in the register of tour operators in Russia RTO 016673.
  The tour operator was founded in 2004

Touroperate sertificate RTO 016673
Touroperate sertificate RTO 016673

We have a good news at the beginning of the year!

For us - “JASSO TOUR” tour operator once again beginning from 2004 the Ministry of the Economic Development of Russiaprolonged the certificate on inclusion touroperator information in the Unified Federal registerof tour operators of Russia. It means that our activity is legal and you can trust us.

We suppose you know that one should book journeys (tours, excursions) only from tour operators which have valid number of PTO in the Unified Federal registerof tour operators of Russia.

Why tour operator’s activity should be obligatory insured? It is simple. This is an important way of tourist’s protection on this country. For example, you have bought a tourist product from a tour operator. The product includes 6 excursions, auto service and a hotel 4*. In fact, you were shown a part of excursions, had a small car and lived in a hotel*. Or there were no tour at all and the company doesn’t return you money. In our case you a full right to address to the court and get a compensation for bad service.

Please be careful when buying a tour: check the number of tour operatorin the website of the Federal agency of tourism in the insert of “TOUR OPERATOR REGISTRY”. If your tour operator is not in the registry, please, ask the reason. May be the name of the tour operator’s brand doesn’t correspond to the name of its legal entity. In this case find the correct name of the tour operator and start your search again.

Please pay attention to the types of activity: domestic tourism and inbound tourism. We have the right to organize the journeys (excursions and tours) on the territory of the Russian Federation and to carry foreign tourists. We wish you vivid journeys!!!


  Baikal in December. Buryatia