Acquaintance with the historical city of Kyakhta - "Sandy Venice"

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Acquaintance with the historical city of Kyakhta - "Sandy Venice"

Place of visit: Kyakhta city, 230 km, 3,5 hours to get there. 
Travel time: all year round, except Monday. 
Duration: 12 hours.

Tour programme

8:30 Meeting with the guide at the agreed place and departure to Kyakhta (Troitskosavsk). On the way the guide will tell us the information about the Great Tea Route, nature, the Goose lake, historical events and famous personalities known far beyond the Selenga Valley, the Decembrists.

11:30 Arrival to Kyakhta. Lunch in the cafe by your own.

12:30 Excursion to the Local Hystory Museum. It was founded in 1890 by Academician V.A. Obruchev, it is called "The Miniature Hermitage". The museum displays archeological materials from the Stone Age to the Middle Age, collections telling about the so-called "Golden Age of Kyakhta" (XVII - XIX). Here you will contact with the flora and fauna of Transbaikalia, other natural areas of the world, you will see the reviews of the ancient routes of the Russian geographers - researchers of Central Asia of the XIX century, their personal belongings and equipment of expeditions, collections of material culture of the peoples of Transbaikalia, Mongolia and China, you will see objects of decorative and applied art of Russia, Europe, China and Japan of XVII - XIX century and relics of Buddhist and Orthodox religions. The museum is very interesting to talk about the era of the Huns. You will get acquainted with the extensive collections of entomology, ornithology and botanical materials of Buryatia.

14:30 Visit of the Museum of Russian-Mongolian Friendship, in the building of the former RSFSR consulate in the Far Eastern Republic (built in the late 19th century). The museum has four rooms with a total area of ​​145 sq.m. In one of the halls, the situation of the 1920s was recreated and you will know about the struggle of the Mongolian people for independence and the revolutionary leader of the Mongols, Damdina Sukhbaatar. The remaining halls are used for temporary exhibitions related to the history of relations between Russia and Mongolia or anniversary dates of Russian-Mongolian relations.

City tour of Kyakhta. The city was founded in 1727 by the Russian diplomat S.L. Vladislavich-Raguzinsky. According to his instructions, the Troitskosavsk fortress was built instead of the Barsukovsky winter hut. Trinity Church (Troitskaya) was built in the wooden fortress and gave the name to the fortress itself – Troitskii and the city - Troitskosavsk. The town that grew up around the fortress until 1934 was called Troitskosavsk, then it was merged with the trading village of Kyakhta and renamed to the city of Kyakhta. We will take photos at the Russian-Mongolian border and will start our way back.

20:30 Arrival in Ulan-Ude.

Attention: Kyakhta is located in the border zone, which requires the presence of civil passports for adult tourists, copies of birth certificates for children, foreigners need to recieve a pass (should be made 30 days before the visit).

      Tour price, for a pesrson in RUB:

 Number of tourists        21    15   10        7     4     2      1

 The price includes: Transfer Ulan-Ude-Kyakhta-Ulan-Ude, guide service.

The price does not include: medical insurance, entrance tickets and the exсursion in the Museum, meals,souveniars, personal expences.

The price of the excursion in the Museum, including entrance ticket ___  RUB is ______ Rub for a person.