Baikal stories

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  Reference number in the register of tour operators in Russia RTO 016673.
  The tour operator was founded in 2004

    In the excursion you will get acquainted with the mighty Baikal, beautiful legends about the Lake Baikal, visit the resort of Goryachinsk.

Places of visit: Lake Baikal, Turka village, Goryachinsk village
Travel time: All year round 
Duration: 8 hours

Tour programme

 Group meeting, meeting with guide and departure to Baikal (170 km). 
  At Pykhta place  we will perform the Oboo rite, we worship Sahyusans - local spirits. 
   On the way we'll go to the Sretensky Woman Monastery, then we'll stop at the river Khaim, listen to the stories about this place. 
  In  Turka village , we will visit the special economic zone "Baikal harbor", descending to the shore we will make a ceremony of meeting with the great Lake Baikal. 
 Lunch in the roadside cafe by yourself. 
  Then we will visit the famous natural monument "Turtle rock", learn the legend of the brave turtle. Photographing. 
  In the resort of Goryachinsk we will try hot mineral water directly from the source. 
  End of the tour and return to Ulan-Ude.  

 The cost of the excursion per person,  :

 Number of tourists   











  The price includes: transportation services, English guide services. 
  The price does not include: an excursion to the Sretensky Woman Monastery in Baturino (should be ordered before); food. 
    The cost of the trip without a guide:
- up to 5 person - 8000 ₽
- 6-10 person - 12000