City tour and visiting etnographical museum

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                                    «Discover Ulan-Ude - the capital of Buryatia»
Places of visit: Ulan-Ude city
Dates: Any day (except Monday and Tuesday).
Duration: 4 hours

                                                                         The programme of the tour

 Meeting with guide in the center of the city or in the hotel.
 We will start the tour at the city foundation place and will show ancient buildings, wooden architecture, merchant houses, The Saint Odigitria Cathedral and modern contractures of the city.
 After city tour you will visit the Ethnographical museum.
 The museum shows the history of Zabaikalskii region. In the huge territory there are archeological, Buryat, Evenk, Old Believers’, Cosaks and Urban complexes. Also there is a small zoo with local animals and birds.
  Return to the city center or to the hotel.

      Price for one tourist, 
     Number of tourists     15    10       7      4      3      2      1   

   Tour price includes:  English speaking guide service, transfers, entrance tickets.
 It is possible to continue the excursion - visit  the highest point of the city - the Buddhist center of Rinpoche Bagsha, in this case it will be necessary to agree in advance the change of the excursion and to pay in addition depending on the type of car used.
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