LLC "Jasso Tour" is a tour operator of inbound international and domestic tourism.
  Reference number in the register of tour operators in Russia RTO 016673.
  The tour operator was founded in 2004

  For receiving Russian tourist visa for 30 days, you need an invitation from the tourist company, which has the reference number.
  The price for making an invitation for a single tourist visa is 000 RUB.
  The tourist invitation will be ready in a day.
  Invitation to Russia includes two separate documents: Standard tourist confirmation and Tourist voucher.

   Torist confirmation contains the following information:
• Name of the tourist (in Latin letters like in passport);
• Date of birth
• Sex
• Citizenship/nationality
• Passport number
• Date of arrival/departure
• Visa type and invitation type
• Visa multiplicity (single, double-entry)
• Purpose of visit
• Rout of visit – cities of visiting
• Information about the host: index and reference number
• Number of invitation
• Tour operator makes stamp and signature of a responsible person

   Tourist voucher
Standard tourist voucher contains the following information: full name, sex, date of birth, passport number, date of arrival/departure, reference number and official name of the tour operator in Russia, full tour prepayment remark, official stamp of the company and a signature of a responsible person.

   For tourists who are planning to visit Russia

1. Before applying for visa, it is necessary to find out in Russian consulate if you need the original invitation or a copy/fax copy is enough. Inform the host about it. Receiving visa in Russian consulate is another step after receiving an invitation from our company. For applying for visa you need the following documents:
• Passport (valid before 6 months of your departure from Russia), some consulates ask for the passport copy
• 3-4 same size photos
• Envelope with your home address (to send you the passport and visa)
• Pay the visa fee
• Fill in the questionnaire

• People of some countries need to receive insurance.
• If you are not a citizen of the country where you apply for visa, they can ask some additional payment.
Every consulate can make changes and additions to these requirements without previous notification.
We strongly recommend you to find out the requirements of the consulate where you are going to apply.
 Please don’t forget that most of the consulates work 3 days a week. For making visa in the Russian consulate, you need 2-4 days.

  2. Arrival to Russia
For entering Russia you need to have valid visa in your passport. When you cross the border immigration office will stamp your visa with the date of crossing the border. All the foreigners entering Russia should receive the immigration card.
Immigration card is a small registration form divided into 2 pieces with the following information: name, date of birth, passport number, citizenship and time of staying in Russia. Both parts should be filled in. The first should be given when you enter the country, the 2nd should be returned when you go out from the country.

3. Visa registration
   According to the Law of Russian Federation, the foreigner should register his visa within 72 Hours (3 days) after crossing the Russian border. The Immigration office of the place of your staying in Russia is responsible for foreigners’ registration. If a foreigner is not registered appropriately, he will be fined. Then the foreigner will be in the black list and will never receive Russian visa again.

  If you travel with tourist visa the hotel where you are staying will make registration for you.
  All the rules about visa registration, entering the country and going out are regulated by the Federal Law about the procedure of entrance and going out from the Russian Federation Governmental resolution “About Immigration Card”.
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