Baikal tours, Buryatia

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Time of travelling: February-March
Route: Ulan-Ude city, center of Buddhism of Russia, Lake Baikal, Buryatiya
Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Price, from 40 500

   A trip to the largest frozen lake in the world at the beginning of spring: different shades of transparent ice (locally called hololyadki), amazingly clear icicles in beautiful fairy-tale grottos, unforgettable Baikal sunsets and sunrises, hospitality of Buryat people will forever remain in your memory
Route: Lake Baikal, Olkhon
Travel time: By request in February and March 2023
Price, from 62 000  DETAIL  

   A fascinating tour to Chivyrkuisky Bay on the ice of winter Baikal. A group of nature-loving tourists will travel to the most cherished corners of the Chivyrkuisky Bay, learning about the history and legends of Baikal

Route: Buryatia: Gremyachinsk, Goryachinsk, Maksimikha, Ust-Barguzin, Monakhovo, Chivyrkuisky Bay of Baikal.
Travel time: February, March
Duration: 2 days
Price, from 14 500 

    A fascinating, extreme, cognitive and finally ice tour of Baikal awaits you, only at the end of winter and only at Lake Baikal !

 Route: Irkutsk, Olkhon, Lake Baikal, Chivyrkuyskiy Bay, Barguzin Valley, Ulan-Ude
 Travel time: February - March
 Duration: 6 days
 Price: from 66 000 


  Tour for the guests of Buryatia during the days of the national Buryat holiday Sagaalgan 2022, with participation in the ritual of "Dugzhuuba".

Route: Ulan-Ude, Lake Baikal, Atsagat village
Dates: February 18 - 20, 2022
Duration: 3 days
Price: from 8000 


        You will see famous places of Baikal from Irkutsk side!

Route: Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Lake Baikal, Olkhon
Travel time: February-March
Duration: 8 days
Price, from 77 700 

  You have the unique chance to take part in Dugzhuuba ritual which is held once a year before Sagaalgan coming (New Year in the Lunar calendar). 
Place of visiting: Ivolginskii Datsan
Time of travel: January 30, 2022
Duration: 5 hours 
Price: from 3000 ₽                                                                                            


Places of visit: east coast of the Baikal - Suvo - Alla - Yarikto.
Travel time: all seasons
Duration: 4 days
Price: from 21 000 

Places of visit: Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Sludyanka, Tankhoy, Ulan-Ude, Gremyachinsk, Goryachinsk, Monakhovo
Travel time: September
Duration: 7 days
Price: from 70 000 

Route: Lake Baikal,  the Saint Nose peninsula. 
Travel time: June - October, depending on the weather in  the Barguzinskiy Bay
Duration: 2 days
Price: from 8 500