Autumn palette of Lake Baikal

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   Lake Baikal is very beautiful in different seasons, make photos in  autumn and enjoy various colors of nature!
Places of visit: Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Sludyanka, Tankhoy, Ulan-Ude, Gremyachinsk, Goryachinsk, Monakhovo
Travel time: September
Duration: 7 days

                                                                                           The programme

Day 1, Wednesday
00:05 Arrival to Irkutsk airport.
Meeting guide, transfer to the hotel 3*, accommodation in Twin rooms.
Rest time.
Meeting guide in the hotel lobby.
Irkutsk city tour. 
Transfer to Listvyanka. 
Visiting Cherskii stone.
Accommodation in hotel in Listvyanka. Twin standard rooms.
Meals: Breakfast, lanch, dinner

Day 2, Thursday
Taking the ferry boat and crossing Baikal (Angara River source). Near the Shaman’s Stone to the Port Baikal. 
Taking the train and going by the Circle Baikal Rail Road. 
 Before the Great Socialist revolution, October 1917 this short part of the TransSiberian Railroad was called “Gold buckle of the steel belt of Russia”.  The belt because it  joined two parts of the TransSiberian Railway at Baikal,and Golden because this railroad was very expensive more than ever made in Russia that time. 
Today we will see the Circle Baikal Rail Road consisting of 39 tunnels, 16 stone galleries, 248 viaduct and bridges, one of the most beautiful railway with amazing Baikal views.
Lunch in the train. 
18:00 Arrival at Slyudyanka station. 
Visiting old stone railway station constructed in the beginning of 19 century by Italians from white and pink marble.  
Тransfer to Tankhoy station.
Accomodation in the hotel in Twin Standard rooms.
Meals: Breakfast, lanch, dinner

Day 3, Friday
6-hour walk deep into the taiga to a reserved waterfall. On your way you will meet fern thickets, suspension bridges over the river and waterways crossings, ancient cedars, flowers and plants of the preglacial period, traces of wild animals. On the way back we will visit the historical and cultural heritage site - an old adit, a place of brown coal mining for the needs of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Lunch: picnic cooked on a fire.
Descent to the visiting center of the Baikal Biosphere Reserve, visiting the exposition "Baikal Zapovedny", Baikal ferry exhibition.
Acquaintance with the Barguzin sables living in the wooler.
Transfer to Ulan-Ude (240 km, 3 hours on the way) 
Accommodation in hotel, in twin standart rooms.
Meals: Breakfast, lanch, dinner

Day 4, Saturday  
Tour to Atsagat village (50 km, 1 hour on the way): acquaintance with the traditions and culture of the Buryats. 
Learning traditional Buryat dance “Yokhor”. Buryat national table games lesson. Making photos wearing national costumes.
Making traditional dish buzzi lesson and archery lesson, riding horse and camel.
Visiting photo gallery yurt "The world in faces" of the world-known ethnophotographer Alexandr Khimishin. 
Lunch (traditional Buryat dishes buuzi, noodle soup, tea with milk, boovi). 
Return to Ulan-Ude.
Transfer to Baikal to Gorychinsk village (170 км, 3 hours). 
Stop at Sretenskii Women Monastary in Baturino village.
Accommodation in the guest house in Twin standart rooms.
Meals: Breakfast, lanch, dinner

Day 5, Sunday
Transfer to Zabaikalskii National Park, to Monakhovo Bay (140 km, 3 hours on the way).
Boat trip to Zmeevaya Bay, we’ll see the Chivirkuiy Bay’s islands and have a bath in a hot spring.
(If the weather is bad and there is no chance to have a boat trip, we’ll have a tracking tour on the top of Saint Nose Peninsula, it will take 6 hours).
Lunch in the fisherman’s house.
Observation deck nearby Monakhovo village.
Return to Goryachinsk.
Dinner. Rest. 
Meals: Breakfast, lanch, dinner

Day 6, Monday 
Departure to Ulan-Ude.
Stop at Baikal shore to see the natural monument of the Turtle.
Arrival to Ulan-Ude. Shopping.
Dinner in the café.
Transfer to the railway station.
Departure to Irkutsk by train (the railway tickets should be bought by your own).

Day 7, Tuesday
Meeting at the railway station.
Transfer to the airport.
The price is __ 000 ₽, if the group is 6+1. 
Additional payment for single accommodation _ 000 RUB 
Any change in the programme, number of tourists according to your request is possible! 

The price includes: 
• Transfers, transportation services under the programme;  
• Accommodation according to the programme 
• Excursions according to the programme:  
• Meals according to the programme.  
  The price does not include: 
• Medical insurance; 
• Meals which is not mentioned in  the programme;  
• Additional services and excursions;
• Railway tickets. 

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