Sagalgaan celebration in 2022

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     Tour for the guests of Buryatia during the days of the national Buryat holiday Sagaalgan 2020 year, with participation in the ritual of "Dugzhuuba". 
Places of visit: Ulan-Ude, Baikal,  Atsagat
Dates: February 18 - 20, 2022 
Duration: 3 days                                                                                                                                                        

  Tour  programme

Day 1, February 18   
 The program for the guests of Buryatia begins with a sightseeing tour around the city. The capital is festively decorated for the national holiday, concerts and performances of creative teams take place in the city squares, concert halls and theaters.  In addition, you have an excellent opportunity to take part in holiday events, the program of which we will surely provide, you can also visit the Museum of History of Buryatia, Ethnographical Museum, concerts and  performances held on this day. 
Meal is not included. 
Day 2, February 19  
 The second day is devoted to acquaintance with the Lake Baikal. By car we go to the Pribaikalsky district. The Baikal only in January succumbed to frosts and northern winds and allowed itself to be encased in ice strata. Ice on Lake Baikal freezes every year in different ways. In well-ventilated places the ice on Lake Baikal is absolutely smooth and allows you to see  Baikal bottom beneath your feet. In some places strong hummocks with emerald color are formed. Greeting Baikal and the output for years will be made on the shore of  Lake Baikal in Turka village. Walk along the beach. Visit the natural monument "Turtle rock", if you wish, visit the ancient resort Goryachinsk.
 Dinner. Return to the city and departure to the native Buryat Atsagat village, to the ethno complex "Steppe nomad". Dinner - Buryat cuisine. And spend the night in real felt yurts (3 - 6  places with oven heating). 
 In the penultimate day of the year, in Buryat houses, cleaning is carried out - there is no corner left even in the closet, which will not be cleaned of dust. Long times ago these days all the clothes were shaken and shaken, special clothes from the most expensive silk and brocade were prepared. Buryats prepared gifts, cleaned and renewed the pipes to bring the lighted pipe to the elders on the holiday. In a sign of respect, also prepared "Hadaki" - silk scarves, special treats that correspond to the holiday. Men, choosing the best of their horses, combed their manes, prepared new ones, with cleaned badges, harness and saddle. They changed even the dog's collar and tie to a new one. 
 In the evening, visit the datsan and participate in the ritual of cleansing "Dugzhuuba." Dugjuuba is a special ceremony of purification, which takes place 2 days before the New Year - the most important holiday of Buddhists. Dugzhuba is a spiritual cleansing ceremony conducted in order to safely move from the old year to new year , getting rid of the burden of last year's troubles, sins and  misfortunes. For this ritual, Sor is made- a high pyramid, crowned with a skull of racks, paper and dough,similar to the arrowhead. In the ritual  "Dugzhuba" all uncleanness of the body, speech and mind of every person is burned. For this people bring with them pieces of dough, cotton, wool or paper, which they wipe their bodies beforehand, and then throw them in a place where all dirt will be burnt. 
Return to the "Steppe nomad". Rest. 
Meals included: lunch, dinner.
Day 3. February 20 
 Breakfast. Acquaintance with the tradition of celebrating the holiday "Sagaalgan", with the ancient way of life and traditions of the Buryats, national games and round-dance "Yokhor".
Riding from the snow hill on snow-mobiles. Riding a horse on horseback or in a harnessed sleigh. 
The last day of the Old Year came: "butuu uder", in Buryat "closed", "deaf" or "dark". 
In butuu uder you need to strictly observe fasting, refusing to drink alcohol, meat and other products related to the killing of living things.
 In the Buryat village of Atsagat, for a long time, the tradition has been preserved: in the boot of the Udur children go from house to house congratulating the hosts with the upcoming Sagaalgan and receiving sweets and gifts, some children come from neighboring villages and the city, and no one remains without food. On this day each family in Atsagat is stocked with boxes of sweets (15-20 kg.) Https://
Departure to Ulan-Ude to the city center or hotel
Meals included: breakfast, lunch.

February 21. New Year's Eve - Sagaalgan.  At midnight in all Buddhist monasteries the Lamas read the prayer "Chidirsan", which will end only at sunrise on the first day of the year. "Baldan Lhamo,"  is the patroness and protector of the family. Everyone must get up early in the morning when the fingers of the hand are visible in the dark (about 4-5 am.)  According to beliefs, early in the morning, Baldan-Lhamo counts  all the people and those who slept  miss their luck for a whole year. And those who at that time were up, acquire protection Buddhist Goddess "Baldan-Lhamo," they will have good luck and success throughout the coming year.
New Year's festivities last a whole month. 
 At the table there should always be white food - national cuisine from dairy products: salamat, foams, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc.

   Cost of tour per person, in ₽: 
 Number of tourists     10     8     6       4   
  Price  8000   9000   10500   14000 

   The price includes: transportation services according to the program, tour guide services according to the program that will accompany guests and acquaint guests with the sights of the city,  the Baikal and the traditions of the Sagaalgan holiday, spending the night in a felt yurt (3-6 local) 1 night, meals according to the program.

  The price does not include: personal expenses of tourists, gifts in datsan, additional  services not specified in the program.  

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