About fasting therapy

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About fasting therapy
Dear friends! Thank you for addressing to us concerning fasting therapy.
Treatment’s methods are below briefly.

    Fasting therapy (scientific name is fasting and dietary therapy) belongs to natural healing methods. It’s a solo limitation in food for a long time to cleanse the body, loss weight, to recover definite diseases:
- gastrointestinal tractand metabolism (overweight and gout)
- musculoskeletal system
- nervous and cardiovascularsystem
- respiratory system (including bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis)
- skin, allergic, gynecological, andrological diseases

  Stopping of digestive functions of human organism happens during this therapy. Cleansing and self-healing happens because of this therapy.

 The peculiarity of “Goryachinsk” resort of fasting and dietary therapy department activity is the combination of fasting therapy in mild climate of the Baikalwith Spa treatment.
  The use of fasting and dietary therapy course (since 1995) is held on the basis of methodological recommendations of “The use of fasting and dietary therapy in restorative medicine”. It is approved by Health Ministry of Russia in 2005.

  Patient’s organism gets better because of slags’ and toxins’ elimination:
- The person loses weight from 2 to 5 kg;
- The body of the person decreases in volume, body’s contours are improved;
- Food intake is normalized;
- Appearance of the patient becomes more attractive because of improving the quality of the skin.

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