International music festival "Voice of Nomads" was the winner of the contest and became the best in Russia

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  Reference number in the register of tour operators in Russia RTO 016673.
  The tour operator was founded in 2004

          Festival "The Voice of the Nomads " won the Grand Prix of the national award in the field of event tourism "Russian Event Awards " and received the status of " National Event of 2017 ". For the second year the festival is held  in Atsagat, in the tourist complex "Steppe nomad". The expanded program of the whole festival includes a music program, as well as a rich daily Ethno program, where tourists and guests of the festival can get acquainted with the folklore groups of Zaigraevsky district, get acquainted with the traditions and life of the Buryat people. The festival takes two days. For living tourists and guests are provided with felt Buryat yurts, there is an opportunity to put their tents in a tent camp. Hot food is organized.
          Next year festival will be held in the tourist complex "Steppe Nomad" in Atsagat in July, 13-14.