Chivirkuy winter fairy tale

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Route: Buryatia: Gremyachinsk, Goryachinsk, Maksimikha, Ust-Barguzin, Monakhovo, Chivyrkuisky Bay of Baikal.
Travel time: February, March
Duration: 2 days                                                                     

Tour programme

Day 1. To Baikal !
   Meeting at the arranged place, getting acquainted with the guide, transfer to the east coast of Baikal to Ust-Barguzin village (270 km, 5 hours).
   On Pikhta pass we'll have "Oboo" ritual - worshiping Sahyusans - local spirits.
If desired we will stop at Sretensky monastery.
   Coming down to the coast of Baikal behind the settlement of Gremyachinsk we will have a ceremony of meeting the great Lake - sea.
   Walk along the icy shore, have a photo session near the famous natural monument - stone Turtle.
Lunch in a cafe on the shore by yourself.
   Short walk along the ancient health resort Goryachinsk with drinking mineral water from the thermal spring.
Arrival in Ust'-Barguzin, accommodation in "Sindbad" guest house in standard twin rooms.
   Dinner in a café
Meals: at a cafe by yourself

Day 2. Chivyrkuy adventures
   Drive to Chivyrkuisky Bay - the quickest freezing bay of Baikal (40 km, 1 hour drive), located in the National Park "ZapovednoePodlemorye".
   After passing the national park's cordon, we drive along the country road along the 8-18-kilometer wide rift in Chivyrkuisky Isthmus (popularly called "Soft Karga"), which separates the deepest and the largest bay of Lake Baikal from Lake Arangatuy.
Along its shores one can see the evergreen cedar trees. The untouched Baikal nature is carefully protected in the National Park: any human intervention is prohibited.
   We will make a stop on a sandy beach of Barguzin bay and see the panorama of snow-covered peaks of Saint Nose peninsula, Barguzin range, outlines of the largest Baikal island - Olkhon.
   Walking around Saint Nose Peninsula from the Eastern side, we will stop at the sacred place near Burtuy river to make an offering to the spirits of the area.
   Coming to Monakhovo, on the shore of Chivyrkuisky bay, we go up the stairs of 336 steps to the observation deck, to see the panorama of our further trip.
   Departure to the ice, beginning of a fascinating winter trip (3 hours on the way) along Chivyrkuisky Bay.
Baikal freezes up differently from year to year. In some places absolutely smooth transparent ice ("glacier" in local style) may form. Fabulous caves with huge icicles, hummocks and blue ice overhangs appear near the rocky shores.
   There are 7 islands in Chivyrkuiskiy bay, but we will pass by the small island "White Rock" to the biggest and the most interesting of them - they are Bolshoy and Maly Kaltygey islands, they are always surrounded by ice grottos and socuys. In one of the caves you may see a Chivyrkuisky mermaid.
   We ride to the Snake Bay, those who wish may get warm in the font of the thermal spring (take the towels with you). Right on the shore of the bay there are the well-known thermal springs in Baikal. The temperature of the water is about +40°C to +45°C. The water is hydrogen sulphide, has healing properties, and is used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The name of the bay comes from the snakes that live here in the summer - the common grass snake and the poisonous common moccasin.
In winter, the ice in the bay does not freeze over completely - there are ice-thaws where you can see gas bubbles rising from the bottom.
   Back to Monakhovo, drive to the shore.
Tasty meal of Baikal cuisine (made of freshly caught fish) with fisherman's family.
   After some rest we drive to Ulan-Ude, again from the shore of Baikal you'll see the panorama of Olkhon island (in the case of good weather).
We'll stop for sunset: it's impossible to repeat winter sunset on Baikal.
  Dinner at a cafe by yourself.
All meals included: breakfast and dinner.  

Cost of the tour per person, ₽:
 In a group of     6     5      4     3
 The cost of the tour for one        

Price includes:
Transfers and transport services by car;
Meals according to the programme;
Accommodation in a guest house: Twin or Triple standard rooms
Guide services;
Payment for staying on the territory of the national park and visiting Snake Bay;

Price does not include: personal expenses of tourists, souvenirs, purchase of freshly frozen fish.

Clothing should be warm and windproof, with a hood.
Shoes - high, comfortable and with sturdy soles, preferably with spikes, or bring anti-icing crampons.
Hat - warm and windproof, gloves - lightweight fleece windproof (for photography) + warm gloves or mittens, warm socks a few pairs.
Sunglasses, may be pair of sunglasses.
Snow shoes that won't get blocked with snow.
A thermos if you want one.
Sunscreen and lipstick to prevent frostbite.

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